Environmentally Safe & Friendly Household Products

The Health Hut stocks the eco-friendly and safe, natural household goods you need to live a greener lifestyle, protect your family's health, and minimize your carbon footprint.

Why Should I Use Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Alternatives?

Eco-friendly cleaning and household supplies are not only better for the environment - they are better for your family and your pets as well. All of our cleaning supplies and household goods are as eco-friendly as possible, and most are organic, biodegradable, and made from sustainable resources. In contrast, most of your everyday cleaning products are petroleum-based, chemical laden, and have uncertain health and environmental effects.

Are Green Cleaning Products Really Effective?

Green products give you a genuine, natural clean – without toxins, petrochemicals, phosphates or other harmful ingredients. Our products can replace most of the harsh, unnatural cleaning products in your home, reducing the risk to your family's health, and our environment.  Help keep your home and the world a little fresher with green cleaning alternatives from The Health Hut.

The Health Hut of Hickory offers a complete line of 100% organically grown produce, natural groceries, poultry, meat, wild caught seafood, organic pet products, organic vitamins & herbs, natural beauty care products, and a full line of gluten & wheat free products. We are dedicated to being GMO Free. To encourage you to try natural & organic, The Health Hut offers a 100% money back guarantee.

Visit the USDA National Organic Program to learn more about organic foods, and the Non GMO Project to stay up to date about genetically modified foods.