The Area's Most Complete Line of 100% Natural & Organic Groceries

The Health Hut carries the area's largest complete line of 100% organic and natural groceries, including fresh produce from local organic farms and fresh organically raised poultry and meats, and safe, natural everyday household supplies.

Organic Has Better Taste & Flavor

Our customers know what our grandparents and past generations knew from common sense - that food grown naturally tastes better, has a higher nutritional value, and is free from many contaminants that detract from the food's taste and texture. It simply tastes better than much of the stuff you find in your everyday big-box grocery store.

Protect Your Family & Our Future Generations

Organic farming not only produces better tasting, more nutritious and more satisfying foods for your family - it helps protect future generations from the harmful effects of agricultural and industrial chemicals. Cloned food and GMO's were rushed to market in just recent years. One generation ago, genetically modified food was not found in our food supply - today about 30% of our cropland is planted in GMO's.

The Health Hut Stocks Everything You Need

We carry everything you need to feed your family naturally - organically grown local vegetables, carefully selected organic fruits, berries and juices, a full line of gluten and wheat free products, healthful snacks, and safe organic pet products.

natural & organic groceries

The Health Hut has everything you need to feed your family naturally.

GMO-free produce

100% organic produce

cereals and snacks

Cereals and snacks

organic veggies

Locally grown produce

Bob's Red Mill Rolled Oats

The Health Hut of Hickory offers a complete line of 100% organically grown produce, natural groceries, poultry, meat, wild caught seafood, organic pet products, organic vitamins & herbs, natural beauty care products, and a full line of gluten & wheat free products. We are dedicated to being GMO Free. To encourage you to try natural & organic, The Health Hut offers a 100% money back guarantee.

Visit the USDA National Organic Program to learn more about organic foods, and the Non GMO Project to stay up to date about genetically modified foods.