To Encourage You to Try Organic, We Offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee

We Know You'll Love Organic

To encourage you to try our wholesome organic products, we offer a 100% money back guarantee. We believe you'll agree: organic simply tastes better.

Look for the USDA Organic Certification

Any food item that carries an organic certification label is your guarantee that it has been grown and handled according to exacting organic USDA standards and that no toxic chemicals have been used.
100% organic GMO free foods

Nature's Path Crunchy Maple Cereal

Nature's Path Flax Plus
Nature's Path Waffles
Products labeled as “100 percent organic” must contain (excluding water and salt) only organically produced ingredients and processing aids.

Products labeled “organic” must consist of at least 95 percent organically produced ingredients (excluding water and salt). Any remaining product ingredients must consist of nonagricultural substances approved on the National List including specifi c non-organically produced agricultural products that are not commercially available in organic form. Learn more about organic products from the USDA National Organic Program.
The Health Hut of Hickory offers a complete line of 100% organically grown produce, natural groceries, poultry, meat, wild caught seafood, organic pet products, organic vitamins & herbs, natural beauty care products, and a full line of gluten & wheat free products. We are dedicated to being GMO Free. To encourage you to try natural & organic, The Health Hut offers a 100% money back guarantee.

Visit the USDA National Organic Program to learn more about organic foods, and the Non GMO Project to stay up to date about genetically modified foods.