Healthy & Humanely Raised Meats, Poultry & Wild Caught Seafood

The Health Hut stocks organically raised meats, poultry, and when available, wild caught seafood. Animals raised naturally and humanely are not only safer for your family - they taste better, too. We guarantee that you'll be pleased - or your money back.

organically raised meats & poultry

The Health Hut carries a variety of naturally raised, grass-fed meats, including buffalo meat - ground and steaks, and organic poultry from Eberly.  Many of our meats, including hamburger, sausage and steaks - come from
the Snyder Family Farm, in nearby Granite Falls.

Wholesome, Clean Sources of Protein

Free-range and organically raised poultry, beef & pork are some of the cleanest, healthiest sources of protein available anywhere. It's also some of the juiciest and most delicious meat you will ever try.

Animals Raised as Nature Intended are Healthier and Happier

Organic poultry and meats are raised according to the USDA's demanding standards for organic products. Raised in a wholesome environment, often on nearby family farms, organic meats tend to be lower in saturated fat and cholesterol. Animals that are raised as nature intended with plenty of sunshine, fresh air, and vegetarian feed, tend to be healthier and happier, and also create better products for our customers.

Health Hut Stocks the Organic Meat & Poultry Your Family Needs

We stock a plentiful assortment of naturally raised meats and poultry products, many grown locally on farms close to Hickory. Visit the Snyder Family Farm near Granite Falls to learn more about meats raised the old fashioned way.

The Health Hut of Hickory offers a complete line of 100% organically grown produce, natural groceries, poultry, meat, wild caught seafood, organic pet products, organic vitamins & herbs, natural beauty care products, and a full line of gluten & wheat free products. We are dedicated to being GMO Free. To encourage you to try natural & organic, The Health Hut offers a 100% money back guarantee.

Visit the USDA National Organic Program to learn more about organic foods, and the Non GMO Project to stay up to date about genetically modified foods.